Each member of our team represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of ComTranslations’ limitless potential for growth. We go to great lengths to identify self-motivated people with diverse experience and skills. Our goal is not just to have an efficient workplace, but also a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.



Carlos García founded ComTranslations in 2011. Carlos has broad experience in leading and expanding businesses and developing high performance leadership teams. He has worked in various operational roles, and brings years of financial experience to the company. Carlos began his career in Mercedes dealing with international markets. His passion for languages coupled with his strong interest for international and multilingual environments inspired Carlos to create and found ComTranslations.


Operations Director

Juan Carlos Rodríguez has solid experience in Media & Entertainment and broadcasting both in Spain and internationally. He has worked with: Technicolor, Cinemakit (Cisneros Group), and LePost, among others. His creativity and proactivity have contributed to his success as Operations Manager. He is used to working directly with clients according to their needs in order to achieve optimum results. He is an expert in design, organization, production and post-production, as well as quality management and project management, and the optimization of processes and workflows.


Production Manager

Matteo Alberghetti joined ComTranslations at the beginning of 2016. With his background in Project Management and having accrued international localization & audio-visual experience in Italy, China and the UK, he’s now leading the Production Team in both the US and Spain. Optimizing planning, improving workflows and making sure ComTranslations fulfills all production commitments are just three of his specialties. He has what it takes to take on any challenges and transform them into our success stories. Plus, he loves sports, TV series, food, and has a passion for photography.


Finance Director

Marian Perez joined ComTranslations as the Finance Manager at the beginning of 2016. With a strong background in Finance and Entrepreneurship, as well as experience in companies like Kodak, Wild Bunch and AMI, she provides a great strategic vision and excellent communication skills. She has proven to be a highly result-oriented person, committed to optimizing resources and leading positive changes in complex environments.
Thanks to her leadership skills and creativity, she has been a key element in ComTranslations’ management team and has implemented some important changes within the company: creation of new processes, establishing trust-based relationships with business partners, and building synergy within the team.


Sales Manager

Antoine Gavid joined ComTranslations in 2016 as Head of Sales. After a few years of working in Management Consulting, he developed strong sales skills and created a wide network of trustworthy collaborators. He brings his expertise in leading international sales teams to success in fast-growing start-ups and mid-size companies.
He is now overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients, many of whom are among the biggest players in the entertainment industry. He devotes all his energy to providing them with the best possible service and to promoting ComTranslations and its high-quality localization services. “There is no need to sell when your clients know they need you.


Vendor and HR Manager

Silvia Pravia started at ComTranslations in 2016 as a Vendor and HR Assistant. With a degree in Translation and Interpreting and a Master’s in HR Management seized the opportunity taking charge of the Department. She’s providing a deep knowledge of the business and devotion for communication and human assets management. During this time she has designed a more complete and intuitive CRM in order to find the best suited professionals. She has also created a rigorous selection and evaluation processes through technical knowledge tests that guarantee the quality of the services we offer. Every day she makes an effort to keep the team united and motivated.