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We offer a wide variety of services related to localization in the entertainment industry.


Voice-Over is still the most affordable option to offer your audiovisual content in another language.

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Audio Transcription services are the most accurate way to convert audio and video into text.

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Timing and Origination

A subtitled language template ready for immediate use for any of your multilingual media will save you heaps of time and money.

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Simulation and Conforms

When you need to convert your video content for it to be used in foreign video equipment, conforming and simulation is the quickest way to do so.

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Audio Descriptions

Audio description is the most effective way to deliver visual content to the blind and those with impaired vision.

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Language Verifications

Language verifications can't be overlooked when delivering content in a language different than your own.

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Burning and encoding

Burning and encoding makes the captioning and subtitling process that much easier for you.

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