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Closed captioning

Closed captioning efficiently provides additional key information in a non-intrusive way.

Are you looking for affordable and top quality subtitling solutions that you can really trust?

Whatever your closed captioning needs are, at ComTranslations we provide v a wide variety of services in more than 140 languages. We work with conventional broadcasting, as well as web and mobile content, VOD platforms, Blu-ray and many other formats.

We cater to all your captioning needs, whether you are an independent producer, an agency or a distributor. We also provide many types of captions, including SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing), with all sound effects and style preferences. We support all file types, giving you a wide range of flexibility in output and quality.


Top quality closed captions

Our wide network of closed caption subtitlers all over the world allows us to provide the best possible translations.



We are used to work on SDH closed captions and include sound effects and speakers ID within the subtitles.


140 Languages

We work in more than 140 languages with native resources for each language to ensure high quality.


Multiple platforms

Our captioning team is expert in all kind of specification. They can produce closed captions deliverable to any platform.


Having a wide range of file formats for any type of delivery gives you more flexibility.

We can create and convert your subtitle files in all formats. Our software supports multiple languages and is compatible with all standards and scripts.

We have software to prepare all types of captions.

Choose from our range of extensive options and leave the rest to us.

  • Scenarist closed caption format (.SCC)
  • CRC-715 Online caption format (.onl)
  • SMPTE (.XML) captions with
  • Tunnel CEA-608 data
  • Captions Inc. files (.CIN)
  • Cheetah cap
  • rcheetah asc
  • TDS Captions
  • ECF Captions
  • NCI Captions
  • NCI Timed roll up captions
  • Procap captions (.txt)
  • Ultech ULT captions
  • MCC CEA-708 captions (.MCC)

Market Segments

Every second of every day, hours of content are being created, with much of it needed in multiple languages and formats.

COMTRANSLATIONS understands that there is a demand for many different services, and we pride ourselves on providing translations, subtitling, and dubbing in over 140 languages in the following areas:


There are many different types of broadcasting formats that need to be distributed in many languages. We work to ensure that your content is localized, whether it is on TV, radio or your mobile device. We will translate and deliver all of your broadcasting needs in the most effective manner.

Cinema, Theatre and Home Entertainment

Our expert translators are native speakers, and are highly specialized to work in all entertainment areas to create and deliver your content in the most cost-effective way.
Whether it is voice-over, dubbing, or closed captions, we do it all

Video on Demand (Digital Media)

We make it easy for you to include any type of media in any platform. We ensure that your message is not only understood, but delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Digital distribution

We also work with many different entertainment platforms, such as consoles, handheld devices, etc.

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Subtitling is part of a broader field of audiovisual translation. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to share your content with viewers worldwide.

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Dubbing is a popular way to deliver content to foreign language audiences.

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More services

We offer a wide variety of services related to localization in the entertainment industry.

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